Tour of the Course

Set amidst the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, Longcliffe golf course represents a formidable challenge for both the beginner and the seasoned campaigner.

The course is a recognised English Golf Union championship course which has twice hosted the Ladies Curtis Cup team in preparation for their Trans-Atlantic challenge, and it has also been the venue for the English Boys Championship.

The elegant backdrop of the Charnwood hills and woodlands of oak, beech, Scots pines and birch provide stunning scenic views as the course ascends the North-facing slopes of the Forest before descending to the level woodlands on the back nine holes.  The narrow fairways, framed by fine grasses in the summer, and the subtly-undulating greens make Longcliffe a picturesque and enjoyable challenge.

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To use the Distance Ruler for checking how far you have driven on a hole just zoom in on the hole where you want to measure and then select the "Add Distance Indicator". A blue coloured indicator will appear which you can drag to where you want to measure from. A second indicator will appear which you should drag to where you want to measure to - the distance will appear in yards.