Pro’s Fun Competition Saturday 28 January 2017

The course had stood up well following the overnight rain with only one temporary green on the 7th hole and, although it was damp and drizzly in the morning, the weather picked up a little for the afternoon comp.  Congratulations to all the prize winners!!

Morning Results.
1st       Alan Flinders, Tom McKenzie, Kevin Moore and Derek Cave                       88 pts
2nd      Trevor Hall, David Steele, Ian Russell and Blake Francis                              86 pts
3rd       Scott Mugglestone, Steve Critchley, Lee Southall and Matt Vann              85 pts
4th       Martin Wardle, Alan Blackham, Rob Smalley and Henry Hosking              83 pts

Afternoon Results
1st       Gary Titterton, Dave Gray, Sherod Winterton and Paul Reed                      89 pts
2nd      David Wordsworth, Peter Brooks, Victor Patino and Gordon Machej      87 pts
3rd       Graham Armston, Steve Turner, Dave Chambers and Steve Marlow         86 pts
4th       Dave Hull, Kev Marshall, James Pretty and Stu Taylor                                   85 pts
5th       Andy West, Daz Croshaw, Steve Sharp and Nic Croshaw                              83pts L/R