Pro's 3rd Winter Competition Sunday 26 February 2017

The format was a Medford - Teams of four, 2 to score.  Medal front 9, Stableford back 9, subtract the stableford score from the medal score to find your total.  The golf was a challenge in blustery but dry conditions.

 Congratulations go to all of the the prizewinners!!

1st place.    Robert Docherty, Andrew Wallace, Richard Wells and Suki Obhi.                      Score 15
2nd place.  Graham Armston, Steve Marlow, Steve Turner and David Chambers.              Score 18
3rd place.   Darrell Timson, Alex Herriot, Pete Knifton and Steve Sharpe.                             Score 20 LR
4th place.   Simon Whittaker, Trevor Dalton, Steve Harding and David Jackson.                  Score 20 LR
5th place.   David Gray, James Pretty, Stuart Taylor, Kevin Marshall.                                      Score 21 LR

2's were worth £12.50 each and have been credited to players' accounts.

We would like to thank everyone who competed in the winter competitions for your support and hope that you have enjoyed them.

David Mee and the Pro's Staff Team