Prospective Members Information

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For many years Longcliffe has been considered one of the leading golf courses in Leicestershire. The Secretary is always happy to advise on the current position regarding the waiting list for prospective new members and any other membership queries.

The Club is especially keen to encourage applications for membership from juniors, ladies and those in the age range of twenty-one to thirty. The one-off entrance fee is scaled according to the applicant's age at joining and is detailed below; juniors and young members also enjoy very reasonable subscription rates.


Age at Joining Category Joining Fee (£)
Adult Member 30+ All 400
Young Member 25-29 7 Day 300
Young Member 21-24 7 Day 200
Young Member 18-20 7 Day 100
Student 18-24 6 Day 100
Junior U18 7 Day 0

If an applicant and his/her spouse/partner wish to join at the same time, one joining fee only is applicable.


Current Subscription Rates

Full 7 day £1020.00
6 day £830.00
5 day            £685.00
Young member 25 to 29 £690.00
Young member 21 to 24 £465.00
Young member 18 to 20 £280.00
Junior 16 to 17 £140.00
Junior 14 to 15 £100.00
Junior 12 to 13   £50.00
Junior under 12     £0.00
Student  £280.00
Flexible Lifestyle member £450.00
House   £78.00

The Club has a full gender-equality policy. The Ladies section maintains its own committee, runs its own competitions and organises a comprehensive fixture list of matches with other clubs in Leicestershire and the neighbouring counties.

The Seniors section has a membership complement of almost one hundred; the Mixed section of about eighty is very much at the heart of the social golfing programme and the Juniors section is expanding under the recently-implemented Five-Year Development Plan.

The Men's section, together with all four of the sections above, enjoys a rich fixture list of matches with many of the neighbouring golf clubs, and this allows all members of the Club both to widen their golfing experience and to enjoy the social benefits of inter-club fellowship.

A special feature of club golfing at Longcliffe is the regular draw. Draws are held on most non-competition Wednesdays and Saturdays, when any member may turn up and be assured of a game in unofficial Am Am competition play. These are very sociable  events and members of all handicap levels are welcome.

Clubhouse Manager Paul Price runs a comprehensive series of social events (see separate page) and social members are very welcome.