Ladies Triella v Rothley and Birstall Monday 24th July 2017

Although rain seemed to be looming, the weather brightened to provide a fantastic sunset for the teams at Rothley Park this year. President Sue Pretty captained the team of Tina Rumming, Joanne Barradell, Alison Davie, Carole Bell and Rachel Miller and although Rothley took the trophy once again (they WILL be beaten!) there were notables from Longcliffe. On the plus side, Rachel Miller posted the best overall score on the day. Conversely, Carole Bell attempted to take out a windscreen (or two) by sending her tee shot on the first into the car park! Overall, a really enjoyable round of golf for all, followed by drinks and good food. Thanks to Madeleine, Jenny and partners for their support on the course. Maybe next year!