Golf Lessons

Looking for ways to help improve your game? Whether it is a one-off golf lesson to fine-tune specific aspects of your game, or a series of sessions to lower your handicap, our PGA golf professionals can provide lessons on all aspects of the game. This can include your long game (woods and irons) or short game (putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.)

To analyse your swing we use the GSAP LAB high-speed dual camera technology situated in our indoor teaching studio.

You can watch your swing in inch-by-inch detail, helping you to understand your swing and what changes need to be made. We also use Flightscope to help you understand your impact conditions.



30 Minutes £20
45 minutes £25
Playing lesson £40 + Green fee
  • Six Lessons for the price of five 
  • Joint and group lessons available
  • All types of lessons are available as Gift Vouchers

Call 01509 231450 for further information or to book a lesson.