Flexible Lifestyle Membership

Prospective Flexible Lifestyle Membership Information

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The club recognises that the full cost of an annual membership cannot always be justified, particularly when there are other, more important demands being placed upon one's finances. Therefore, we offer prospective new members an alternative to traditional golf membership at a more affordable price, to suit both your time and your lifestyle demands.

Flexible Lifestyle Membership offers the following benefits:

  • The possession and management of an official CONGU handicap (subject to the payment of the required England Golf and County affiliation fee)
  • Eligibility to play in club competitions and for club teams, subject to selection, in home and away matches
  • Access to a County Card, which allows for discounted green fees at participating clubs throughout England
  • Use of all facilities including the practice ground, Clubhouse, Bar & Catering
  • A membership card qualifying for a discount on bar purchases

For an annual fee of £440, a total of 440 golf credits are placed on your membership profile which can used to fund a round of golf. The number of credits deducted being dependent upon the time of day, week or season, as follows:



(Apr - Sep)


(after 4pm)


(Oct - Mar)

Saturdays 40 35 30
Sundays 30 25 25
Wednesdays 25 20 20
Fridays 25 20 20
All other days 20 15 15
  • An additional 100 points may be purchased during the 12-month period for £100
  • Unused points will be rolled over into the next 12-month period, subject to membership subscription renewal
  • Lifestyle members will be able to sign in up to three guests at the appropriate green fee rate for the time of day
  • It will be the responsibility of Lifestyle members to present themselves at the Professional's Shop prior to commencing a round of golf to ensure that the correct number of credits are deducted from their account; this may also be done by telephone
  • Lifestyle members will not be eligible to stand for election to the Management Committee, nor to vote at General meetings

Further details of Lifestyle Membership may be obtained from the Secretary.