Easter Fayres.....??

....or were they Winter Fayres....??  Hardy golfers braved baltic conditions as they battled against biting winds, snow and freezing temperatures.  The morning shotgun competitors had the slightly better conditions, but as the snow flurries intensified in the afternoon conditions went from bad to worse.   Congratulations to all who survived to return to the welcome warmth of the clubhouse.......!!  Congratulations also go to the prize winners.

Morning Competition
1st:  Stuart Taylor, Kev Marshall, Scott Middleton and Tony Stretton       87
2nd:  Brian and Mark Lawrence, Barry Sharpe and Phil Appleby              86
3rd:  Mike Turner, Dave Chambers, Graham Armston and Steve Turner    82
4th:  Andy Tyson, Paul Winters, Dave Bonner and John Perry                   81

Afternoon Competition
1st:  Gary Titterton, Paul Reed, Prakash Pancholi and Wayne Bown          87
2nd:  Dave and Ian McPheely, Dave Vosper, and Andy DeWet                   82
3rd:  Kevin Moore, Alan Flinders, Chris Marsh and Tony Linnel                 82
4th:  Keith Hough, Dennis Wilkcockson, Dave and Andy Wilkinson           81
5th:  Nigel Bowley, Vinny Gee, Martin Downing and Tony Campbell         80