Easter Fayres Saturday 25 March 2017

The early morning fog delayed the start of the morning competition, but play eventually got underway in eerie conditions with patches of mist drifting across the course.  When the sun broke through conditions for golf could not have been better, particularly for the afternoon comp. 

Congratulations go to all of the prize winners!!


1. S Whittaker, B Coe, S Boldra, N Ramsdale-Croshaw         84
2. I Russell, M Stevens, P Hubbard, J Keogh                            84
3. R Docherty, D Murray, N Howlett, G Armson                      82
4. A Scott, A Tyson, D Wade, J Perry                                          81
5. P Baxter, G Cresswell, S Sharpe, I McKendrick                    81
6. N Turner, G Johnson, I Jones, H McVey                                 80

1. M Bryant, D Bonner, C Tolley, C Mason                                 90
2. D Vosper, A De Wet, D McPheely, I McPheely                       85
3. D Hull, S Middleton, S Taylor, K Marshall                               83
4. A Rumming, T Linnell, T Linnell, C Spooner                           83
5. P Reed, G Titterton, P Pancholi, W Bown                                82
6. K Hough, D Wilcockson, D Wilkinson, A Wilkinson                82