Christmas Fayres

A 'Special Mention' goes to Kerry, daughter of Julie and Rich Wells, who baked cakes and mince pies for sale at the Half Way house to support the Captains' Charities and raised over £100.  Well Done Kerry !!!

Morning Results
1st: James Littlewood, Pete Baxter, Ian McKendrick and Lee Pallet  91 points.
2nd: Simon Boldra, Rich Selby, Brian Coe and Andy Harding  90 points.
3rd:  Martin Wardle, Alan Blackham, Ian Youngs and Andy Smith  90 points.
4th: Campbell Singer, Lew Elverston. Ian Kent and Steve Andrews  88 points.
5th: Frank Fay, Ian McAra, Lou Burdett and Alan Webster  88 points.

Afternoon Results.
1st:  Simon Whitaker, Dave Jackson, Mick Selby and Chris Cooper 94 points.
2nd:  Gus Allen, Harry Worden, Steve Critchley and John Peck  92 points.
3rd:  Andy Rummimg Paul Skellington, Craig Spooner and Pete Black  90 points.
4th:  Scott Middleton, Tony Stretton, Kevin Marshall and Stuart Taylor  87 points.
5th:  Captain Dave Vosper, Andy DeWet, Dave McPheeley and Ian McPheeley  87 points.

Congratulations go to all prize winners and Happy Christmas to all who took part!!!