We Will Remember Them

Until recently nothing was known of club members who served in  the Great War of 1914-18.  On the discovery of a membership book from 1910 to 1948, a list of members was painstakingly transcribed by Sharon and David Gray and proof read by Arthur Plater and then cross referenced with the Carillon Memorial.  It emerged that six club members had made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Their graves and memorials in France and Belgium were located and visited by a team of Longcliffe members. Wreaths and crosses were left on behalf of their fellow members.

The named members were; 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Donald Chapman, Lieutenant Charles Edward Lancaster, 2nd Lieutenant Howard James Harding Moss, 2nd Lieutenant Albert Perkins, Captain Walter Stanley Gimson MC, Lieutenant Alexander Charles Nicholas March Phillips De Lisle.

A permanent memorial will be hung in the clubhouse ensuring "We Will Remember Them".  Special thanks are due to a number of people who made the memorial possible: Sharon Gray, Arthur Plater, Doug Beresford, Sherod Winterton, Dick Morley and finally to Chris Frith and Chris Knight who both did a magnificent job in producing the memorial.