Pro's Winter Competitions

Pro's Third Winter Competition  Sunday 28 February 2016.
They've won again.  A cold start in drying winter golfing conditions saw the winners of the two previous Pro's Winter Comps do it again!!  This time it was a Medford Competition - Front 9 Stableford score subtracted from back 9 Medal Score.  Keeps the game interesting......!!
1st   R Selby, J Selby-Rivas, M Bond, C Major                        10        £35 voucher each
2nd  N Moore, W Bown, W Weighill, N Clapham                  13        £30 voucher each
3rd   T Campbell, M Downing, A Stretton, I Holland             13        £25 voucher each
4th   D Wilkinson, V Patino, G Santaney, G Sherwood          15        £20 voucher each
5th   S Mugglestone, M Vann, L Southall, S Cowley               16        £15 voucher each

Pro's Second Winter Competition  Saturday 29 January 2015
In breezy and brightening conditions, although a little soggy underfoot, and the luck of the blue ball double scores,  a strong field posted some impressive scores.
1st    R Selby, J Selby-Rivas, M Bond, C Major                       160 points       £60 voucher each
2nd  H Worden, S Creeney, P Skellington, V Johnson          159 points       £40 voucher each
3rd   A Hatjiosif, P Graveling, J Odams, D Barnett                 158 points       £30 voucher each
4th   S Rackley, D Mcpheely, J Price, A Gill                              154 points       £25 voucher each
5th   A Wallace, O Willson, L Turner, J Hudson                      153 points       £20 voucher each
6th   B Sharp, T Hall, D Hart, L Burdett                                   153 points       £15 voucher each

Pro's First Winter Competition  Monday 28 December 2105
In pretty damp and murky conditions teams brightened up their Christmas hangovers with good walk round in the fresh air.  Congratulations to the Prizewinners!!
1st  R Selby, J Selby-Rivas, M Bond, C Major                           123 points       £35 voucher each.
2nd  D Wilkinson, A Wilkinson, D Vosper, A Herriot              122 points       £30 voucher each
3rd  T Shephard, J Hudson, L Turner, O Willson                     121 point         £25 voucher each
4th  G Moody, L Griffin, M Harrison, R Hamilton                    115 points       £20 voucher each
5th  H Johnson, F Brunetti, C Mee, T Adamek                          112 points       £15 voucher each
6th  I Hubbard, A Plater, D Gould, K Hough                             112 points       £10 voucher each.

Vouchers have been credited to winners accounts.  Many thanks to all the competitors,