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Dress Regulations

The Committee is reviewing and investigating the potential to reconfigure the existing practice facilities in order to maximise it’s use in a safer manner. Following months of debate and consideration the Committee has conducted a full review of the Club’s Dress Regulations. The intention is to have a more welcoming and inclusive outlook to members and our guests. With immediate effect the new dress code is as follows:


Dress Regulations
Longcliffe Golf Club aims to operate a contemporary and forward thinking dress policy, commensurate with a modern day golf club. It is in all our interests to maintain reasonable standards of casual, but smart, dress in keeping with golfing traditions. Members, Guests and Visitors are therefore made aware that the following are the required standards that we request that you adhere to both on the golf course and in the club house.


Approved golf attire, includes polo necks or equivalent approved attire. Men’s shirts with collars, which must tucked into trousers or shorts. Trousers must not be worn into socks. Knee-length, tailored shorts may be worn with either knee-length socks, ankle-length socks or short shoesocks, all predominantly white. Caps must be worn peak forward. The following may not be worn on the course, practice ground or practice putting green:- T-shirts, jeans, combat trousers or shorts, shorts lower than the knee, calf-length trousers (except ladies), denim wear of any type, track or jogging suits, training shoes, and soccer, rugby or other non-golfing sports shirts, including those bearing non-golfing motifs. Ladies may not wear leggings, sun-tops, short skirts or brief shorts.


Smart casual clothing is permitted in all parts of the Clubhouse and Dining Room at all time, unless alternative dress is specified for certain functions. This applies to all team matches and visiting parties, unless the Match Captain or Organiser requires otherwise Tailored shirts (without tails) may be worn outside trousers.

Knee-length, tailored shorts and socks, as above. (Up to 7pm in the dining room) Smart denims are permitted in the Clubhouse, provided they are not ripped, torn, frayed, faded, baggy, low waisted or work related. The following may not be worn in the clubhouse at any time: Cargo style trousers or shorts, collarless shirts (except ladies’ wear), three-quarter length trousers (except ladies), Stocking or bare feet, Golfing hats or caps, T-shirts, rugby or football shirts or other shirts with large printed slogans or logo’s, employer issued clothing with dominant advertising, Track suits, Training shoes, Plimsolls or Flip –flops, Golf Shoes of any type.

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